Areas of Activity


Solid drug forms including tablets, capsules, soft gels, powders and granules are the most widely used and diverse forms of medicine, which are usually the first choice of consumers for drug treatments. Today, in solid pharmaceutical forms, using the latest knowledge of pharmacy and based on modern pharmaceutical systems, drugs with more effectiveness and efficiency and fewer side effects have been introduced to the world pharmaceutical market. Based on this, a site for research and development of new solid products in the field of oral drugs as well as food and pharmaceutical supplements has been created in Azami Innovation and Accelerator Innovation Factory to keep pace with the development and increasing global innovations in production and new formulations of solid drugs such as products. Controlled release, multi-component tablets or capsules, multilayer tablets, etc., meet the country's pharmaceutical needs and, in addition to benefiting the people of our beloved country, provide the ground for the export of new products in this sector.


The production line of Henam accelerator semi-solid products is located on a land with an area of 350 square meters. Production equipment for High-tech products This line includes High pressure homogenizer, 3 liter mixer tank and high pressure homogenizer connected to vacuum and other equipment necessary for ideas in this field. This production line has the ability to produce products in the form of creams, gels, ointments and solutions.


Injection space including construction line, freezing and filling of powder and injection solution for production of high-tech products with Delivery with more than 10 production reactors in Class B space in compliance with GMP requirements and complete separation of materials, personnel, washing paths and Packaging and production of aseptic products with Close system conditions to produce products that do not have the final sterilization capability and cold storage spaces to produce products sensitive to temperature and humidity.

Sterile eye

The production line of ophthalmic products complies with the standards of aseptic lines, where the entire production process from weighing to packaging takes place. In this line, the manufacturing, filtration and filling steps are performed in clean rooms according to GMP rules. This line has the ability to support all formulations of drops, including solutions, suspensions and emulsions. In addition, it can be used to make non-sterile products such as drops and nasal sprays. Due to the capability of the executive group and the capability of the designed infrastructure, it is possible to make nanoparticles used for ocular fluid formulations.

Soft gel

The soft gel production line in Henam Pharmed Accelerator, with the aim of producing new pharmaceutical products, has a design in accordance with GMP principles and in accordance with the standards of the world day. In addition, this line is equipped with modern technology and all the advanced equipment required for the production of softgel. It should be noted that this is the first time in Iran that a softgel production line has been established for the production of new high-tech products and provides the possibility of producing these products in the country.

Quality control laboratory

Quality control laboratory of the collection laboratory with sterile and microbial class B spaces as well as four incubators with defined temperature conditions, necessary analyzers and complete separation of public spaces from the site of sampling and preparation of hazard materials as well as flow-based design of samples. Personnel and materials in accordance with the relevant requirements are ready to serve in the field of tests related to injectable, semi-solid, solid and drop products.