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Advantages of being with Honam

A network of infrastructure and services

Honam accelerator offers a full range of services for the growth and development of companies in the field of new pharmaceutical products. Honam also provides valuable facilities and equipment in a unique environment for groups and companies that have significant benefits in terms of optimizing product development and commercialization processes.

A place for innovation

Honam complex is a crossroads of research and commercialization; A place where technology and innovation are combined and the result is strengthening of health and innovative technologies (high-tech products) that are created for specific needs and at the same time, competitive businesses are developing Internationally.

Known ecosystem

Honam Group through its extensive network, as well as cooperation with other actors in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and health industry chain and supports of the Vice President for Science and Technology, Pardis campus of Science and Technology Park, Nanotechnology Development Headquarter, Biotechnology Headquarter, has created a well-known collection.

Product development

Honam collection envisages three general categories for the products offered in the admission section.

Products that take the lead in production, sales, market development and exports

Products that need to prove concept and evaluate performance.

Products that need to be optimized and characterized.

Product development path

During this process, Henam Group facilitates and accelerates the product development process with the help of a network of consultants and pharmacy chain specialists. Henam Group has also equipped and provided laboratory space for product evaluation and optimization process to cover the path of ideas to obtaining the necessary licenses, mass production and sales of the product, along with specialized production lines (pilot line) of new pharmaceutical products.


The goals that Honam has set in line with her activities.

Making innovative drugs

Despite the high capacity of specialized and talented human resources in the countrys pharmaceutical sector and their potential capabilities, the formation of such a set of infrastructure can facilitate and accelerate the manufacture of new and quality pharmaceutical products in the country.


Another goal of the Henam Group in supporting the pharmaceutical business is to provide a platform for the creation of specialized job opportunities for talented researchers and professionals, which will be achieved by creating the flow of innovative companies in the pharmaceutical field.

Increase export potential

The creation and growth of innovative pharmaceutical companies leads to a significant increase in the countrys pharmaceutical export potential. Upgrading the capabilities of innovative companies and increasing the production and export capacity of valuable pharmaceutical products can have a very significant appreciation for the country.

Social mission

Making new quality medicinal products can provide better and more efficient medical care for a large number of patients and reduce their treatment costs. This will increase the public access of patients to new drugs and will make a significant contribution to improving the quality of treatment in the country.

Companies accepted so far

Today, innovation is one of the most important factors of economic growth. Innovation needs a social space to support entrepreneurship. Often, social and business innovations complement each other.

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Honam Collection

With the development of pharmaceutical products, skin care and nutritional and pharmaceutical supplements, Honam Group tries to provide suitable solutions to improve the quantity and quality of the idea path to the market of researchers and experts, in addition to creating technological added value.


Our supporters

Organizations and institutions that support Honam in achieving its goals.