Mentoring and training

Ideation technologists and researchers are the engines of product creation that need training and mentoring more than anything else. By bringing together a network of trainers and experts, Henam Group has provided the training and key strategies needed for product development in the field of modern pharmaceutical products. Empowering group members, assisting in the preparation of technical and financial reports, assisting in the preparation of business plans, designing and conducting laboratory and in vivo studies, and establishing connections with the distribution and marketing network of the educational and mentoring sections of the Henam Collection. Acceleration in the Henam complex begins with the acceptance process. Technologists, researchers, and groups that have an idea or product will submit their proposal to the Henam Collection by completing the acceptance form. Selected proposals are invited for an in-person interview. After the technical-economic evaluation and design of the product development and commercialization route, the acceleration of this route begins in the Henam complex.